Our Firms

Our Firms

McCreight & Company, Inc.

Each of our consultants has at least 20 years of relevant, industry specific experience. We are hypothesis focused and that experience differentiates our approach to our clients’ strategy implementation challenges. 

We carefully observe our clients’ words and actions to maintain an intimate knowledge of their methodology and how they operate. We also strive to maintain an understanding of their customer’s needs, as well as keeping a careful watch on their competitors’ actions. We compare and consider existing and evolving best practices around the world, competitive intelligence, and the global environment our client will be entering. We collaborate with our client leaders frequently, often day-by-day, as our analysis and change hypothesis evolves and as implementation progresses.

Board Effectiveness Partners (BEP), LLC

BEP is focused on sustained improvement in board effectiveness and governance quality, as well as avoiding or mitigating a crisis in investor confidence in boards, directors, and CEOs.

We believe there is a pressing danger that many extraordinarily effective board members, top-flight executives, and advisors who have lead their companies or governmental agencies with distinction for years, will abandon directorships because they are concerned about damaging their reputation and personal liability. Effective directors should be free to focus on corporate success and growing the company in any way possible, and not be forced to worry about compliance issues or protecting their own reputation.

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CIO Group, LLC

The CIO Group engages extraordinary senior information and technology executives – providing organizations with issue-oriented solutions at the most senior levels.

Our technical experience has evolved, and is continuously enhanced, by research and ongoing engagements with some of the most respected and dynamic organizations in the world. Our consultants bring real-world operating knowledge to ensure clients realize the full potential of their information and technology assets and opportunities.

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Second Opinion, LLC

Second Opinion partners with investors and senior leaders to provide an immediate expert opinion, in industries where we are competent.

Our Second Opinion consultants serve as urgent-response advisers. They offer real-time guidance to senior leaders, investors, elected and appointed government officials, and board members seeking a second opinion on their options and decisions related to strategic change. Our Second Opinion consultants have access to decades of experiences and proprietary research that is continually updated by our Research and Operations Center professionals.

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